'Colors of the uprising'

Dudu Emmanuel

Donald Onuoha

Donald Onuoha was born in Owerri, the State of Imo capital city in Nigeria. A land of rich and historical significance along with its culinary and hospitality prowess, Owerri is also as diverse culturally as it is artistically. Hailing from Badagry, a town known for it’s deep-rooted past to slavery, bellows an echo from its chambers of the ancestors that provide a platform to draw inspiration.

As a graduate of Fine and Applied Arts, Donald has applied his practical studies to real-world principles. Recognized for his unique painting style, his work stands out among other artists. Using specialized techniques, the impressionist tells a story that is not only unique but thought provoking. He is imbued with a restless spirit which influences his experimentation with various art forms to express his inner-most thoughts on canvas. Donald exhibits internationally, including the World Bank Art Exhibition in New York, Nigeria’s largest art gallery- Nike Arts, and various locations throughout Europe regularly.

In addition, Onuoha is able to convey his thoughts simply and objectively. Onuoha has previously shoed his works in group exhibitions such as the World Bank Art Exhibition, New York; Minaj Talent, Obosi, Talent of Palette, Lagos; Emerging Culture, Abuja; Donald and Ayoola, Signature Gallery, Lagos; Abstract Artistic License, Time and Places, City Mall, Lagos; and the Generational Statement, Abuja.

In his own words: “My inspiration comes from my environment and daily experiences. I try to communicate to my audience my innermost thoughts and feelings, dreams and aspirations. As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to serve as the consciousness of society, and I look to project my beliefs and values to reflect things I have encountered. Arts is not what you see, but what you make others see. As one that breathes, eats, and sleeps for the arts – it truly a labor of love.”


Curator's Note

After the George Floyd protest in the United States of America, a spotlight beams on Nigerian art or black art. 

 As more national and international discussions have centered around Black Art, "Colors of the Uprising" is a group art exhibition curated to expose and celebrate 11 uprising stars. 

 We warmly welcome you to "Colors of the uprising" , a group exhibition distinctively curated by Princess Uzo & Rodney Asikhia, featuring the amazing art by: Wande Oseni, Karen Ogidi, Sidney Osioh, Ekwueme Edison, Adeola Adegbenro , Kolawole Niyi Sunday, Dudu Emmanuel, Donald Onuoha, Ekpetorson Elizabeth, Anehita Aletor , & Ene Jessicah Yaknoabasi.

 Artists in this exhibit share their interpretations of the natural world around us, whether it be on portraits, people, abstract forms, Landscape from nature scenes, and Surreal impression.

 Their creations challenge our ideology of life, adds beauty and spark up intellectual dialogue amongst its viewers. The works exhibited comprises of various mediums such as Oil on canvas, Mixed media, Acrylic on canvas, Charcoal and drawing in various sizes. 

 The exhibition will present 55 works of Art to its audience, documented with a virtual Catalog with access to attend the event virtually.

Private viewing on opening day: Friday, Feb 28th, 2021 by 6pm.

 Chairman of Event: Dahlton Osa Ozigbo -Noren Art Foundation 

 Host of Event: Louise Priddy -

 Posh Cafe Café capacity is limited to 50 people at any one time.

 Please wear a face mask and maintain 6' of personal space.


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Manager: Ms. Seun 08130200778

Curator: Mr. Rodney +1-443-653-7398

Certificate of Authenticity Available